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The One Show

Silver Pencil - Print, United Way

Silver Pencil - Collateral, Black Lives Matter

Silver Pencil - Direct Mail, HAZCO Demolition

Bronze Pencil - Craft Art Direction, United Way

Bronze Pencil - Out of home, United Way

Bronze Pencil - Promotional, Black Lives Matter

Merit - Posters Collateral, United Way 

Merit - Craft Art Direction, United Way 

Merit - Craft Illustration, United Way 

Merit - Direct Marketing, United Way 

Merit - Craft Print Production, United Way 

Merit - Poster Series, United Way

Merit - Poster Single, Kraft

Merit - Interactive, Netflix Netflip

Merit - Utility Design, Netflix Netflip

Merit - Craft Art Direction, WWF Real Scary

Merit - Self Promotion, Trump Against Humanity

Merit - Poster Design, Dietitian's Canada

Merit - Design Annual Report, YWCA 

Cannes Lions

Silver Lion - Product Design, Black Lives Matter

Shortlist- Design, Black Lives Matter

Shortlist - Industry Craft, Kraft Heinz

Shortlist- Press, YWCA Annual Report 2

Shortlist- Press, YWCA Annual Report 1

Shortlist - Outdoor, Alberta Checkstop


Graphite Pencil - Poster, Heinz Shake

Wood Pencil - Illustration, United Way

Wood Pencil - Direct Mail, HAZCO Demolition

Shortlist - Graphic Design, United Way

Clio Awards

Bronze Clio - Point of purchase, Pak-n-Stor

Merit - Outdoor, Paralympics

New York Art Directors Club

Silver - Spatial Design - United Way

Silver - Product - Black Lives Matter

Silver - Branding - Black Lives Matter

Merit - Domestic Abuse, United Way

Merit - Trump Against Humanity

Merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

Merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

Merit - Annual Report, YWCA

Merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

New York Festivals

Bronze - Outdoor Ambient Tims Next Door

Bronze - Outdoor Restaurants Tims Next Door

Communication Arts (Design & Advertising Annuals)

Black Lives Matter

Trust the Experts (H&R Block)

Trump Against Humanity

Pak-n-Stor Series

Dietitian Canada Donuts

Gold’s Gym Couch

Ted Leo Poster

YWCA Annual Report 1

YWCA Annual Report 2 (On Cover)

Communication Arts (Typography & Illustration Annual)

United Way Domestic Abuse

Pak-n-Stor Series (On Cover)

Luerzer’s Archive

Rick Hansen Stairs

WWF Real Scary Gala Posters

WWF Real Scary Masks

Kraft Stick Together Television

Hospice Ontario

ABL Wallpaper

Spy City

Gold’s Gym

Pak-n-Stor (box)

Mending Homes

Pak-n-Stor (Headlines)

Alberta Government, Faces

Alberta Government, Couch

Graphis Annuals

Platinum - PC Medic

Platinum - Dietitian of Canada

Gold - Market Mall, Find a Reason

Gold - Market Mall, Vespa

Gold - GM Goodwrench

Gold - Gift of Life Gala

Gold - Calgary Police

Gold - Alberta Government, Faces

Gold - Alberta Government, Couch

Gold - Dietitian of Canada, Fries

Gold - Wendy’s

Gold - Pak-n-Stor

Gold - Gold’s Gym Couch

Logo - Brownstone Books


Advertising & Design Club of Canada

Gold - PR Influencer Campaign - Rethink Breast Cancer

Gold - TV Single - H&R Block (Father in-law)

Gold - Magazine Single - Audi (Abandoned)

Gold - Public Service Campaign - Covenant House

Gold - Public Service Ad Single - Covenant House (Addiction)

Gold - Ad Poster Single - Heinz Ketchup

Gold - Advertising Best Art Direction - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Best Illustration  - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Experiential Single - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Promotional - WWF Real Scary

Gold - Direct Mail (Hazco Environmental)

Gold - Best Typography Advertising Campaign (Pak-n-Stor)

Gold - Best Typography Design Campaign (Pak-n-Stor)

Gold - Poster Advertising single (Hazco Environmental)

Gold - Advertising Print (YWCA Calgary)

Silver - TV Campaign - H&R Block  

Silver - TV Single - H&R Block (Bookie)

Silver - Interactive Campaign - Rethink Breast Cancer

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi (Abandoned 1)

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi (Abandoned 2)

Silver - Public Service - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Silver - Poster - Covenant House (Addiction)

Silver - Design Poster Single - Heinz Ketchup 

Silver - Media Innovation Campaign Single - WWF Real Scary 

Silver -  Media Innovation Single - WWF Real Scary 

Silver - Best Art Direction (Pak-n-Stor)

Silver - Advertising Print (Pak-n-Stor)

Silver - Promo Single (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Media Innovation Single (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Experiential Single (Tims Next Door)

Merit - Ad Campaign - Covenant House 

Merit - Ad Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Merit - Ad Single - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Merit - Public Service Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Merit - Best Art Direction - Audi

Merit - Ad Single - Audi (Abandoned 1)

Merit - Ad Single - Audi (Abandoned 2)

Merit - Photography Single - WWF Real Scary 

Merit - Interactive Miscellaneous Technology - Netflix Netflip

Merit - Advertising (Golds Gym)

Merit - Advertising Poster Single (Alberta Checkstop)

Merit - Advertising Poster Single (Alberta Checkstop)

Merit - Radio Single (Subway)

Merit - Design Public Service (Hospice Ontario)

Merit - Interactive video (Kraft Canada)

Merit - Annual Report (YWCA Calgary)

Merit - Design Poster Series (Pak-n-Stor)

Merit - Design Poster Single (Pak-n-Stor)

Marketing Awards

Silver - Craft Art Direction, Pak-n-Stor

Silver - OOH Non-Standard (Tims Next Door)

Silver - OOH Large Scale (Tims Next Door)

Bronze - Online single, Netflip chrome app

Bronze - Newspaper Single, Pak-n-Stor

Bronze - Out of Home Single, Paralympic Games

Applied Arts Advertising/Design Annuals

Design craft Illustration Single - United Way

Design craft Illustration Series - United Way

Design poster single - United Way

Design public service single - United Way

Design public service series - United Way

Design poster series - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Public Service Illustration Series - Rick Hansen

Public Service Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Series - United Way

Advertising Illustration Single - United Way

Advertising Illustration Single - United Way

Poster Illustration Series - United Way

Poster Illustration Single - United Way

Poster Illustration Single - United Way

Public Service Illustration Series - United Way

Conceptual Illustration Single - United Way

Conceptual Illustration Single - United Way

Magazine Single - Audi e-Tron

OOH Single - Kraft Ketchup shake

Poster Single - Kraft Ketchup shake

OOH Campaign - Covenant House

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Addiction)

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Television Series - Belairdirect Dark Ages

Poster Series - WWF Real Scary Kids

Poster Series - WWF Real Scary Masks

Pro Bono -  Trump Against Humanity

Gaming Single -  Subway Snapchat

Experiential Single (Tims Next Door)

Non-traditional Single (Tims Next Door)

Direct Mail - Hazco Environmental Services

Point of purchase, Gold’s Gym Truck

Poster Series - Pak-n-stor

Outdoor Single - Tao of Peace

Outdoor Single - Alberta Checkstop

Outdoor Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service - Paralympic Games

Public Service - Alberta Checkstop

Poster Design - Paralympic Games

Poster Design - Sopranos Restaurant

Out of Home Single - Alberta Checkstop

Out of Home Single - YWCA

Out of Home Series - Alberta Checkstop

Out of Home Series - University of Calgary

Public Service Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Single - YWCA

Public Service Series - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Design - YWCA

Out of Home Series - Grass Roots

Out of Home Series - Market Mall

Newspaper Series - Market Mall

Magazine Single - Wendy’s

Magazine Single - GM Goodwrench

POP Single - Wendy’s

Newspaper Single - YWCA

Annual Report - YWCA

Out of Home Single - Paralympic Games

Public Service/Charity - Paralympic Games

Out of Home Series - EPCOR Alberta Scene

Gold’s Gym Truck

Gold’s Gym Couch

Media Innovation Awards

Gold - Alberta Checkstop

Silver - YWCA Annual Report

Certificate - Mixed Media, Alberta Government

Certificate - Place Based, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Vertical, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Public Service, YWCA

Certificate - Public Service, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Youth, Alberta Government

PROMO! Awards

Gold - Most Innovative Idea or Concept (Tims Next Door)

Gold - Best Pop-up Activation (Tims Next Door)

Shopper Innovation Awards

Gold - In-store Engagement (Tims Next Door)

Gold - Out of the Box Retail (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Original Idea (Tims Next Door)


Bronze - ATOMIC Idea (Tims Next Door)

Bronze - Best Niche Targeting (Tims Next Door

Bronze - Best Experiential Engagement (Tims Next Door)

Anvil Awards

45 Anvils

85 Merits

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