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The One Show

Silver Pencil - Collateral, Black Lives Matter

Silver Pencil - Direct Mail, HAZCO Demolition

Bronze Pencil - Promotional, Black Lives Matter

Merit - Interactive, Netflix Netflip

Merit - Utility Design, Netflix Netflip

Merit - Craft Art Direction, WWF Real Scary

Merit - Self Promotion, Trump Against Humanity

Merit - Poster Design, Dietitian's Canada

Merit - Design Annual Report, YWCA 

Cannes Lions

Silver Lion - Product Design, Black Lives Matter

Shortlist- Design, Black Lives Matter

Shortlist - Industry Craft, Kraft Heinz

Shortlist- Press, YWCA Annual Report

Shortlist - Outdoor, Alberta Checkstop


Wood Pencil - Direct Mail, HAZCO Demolition

Clio Awards

Bronze Clio - Point of purchase, Pak-n-Stor

Merit - Outdoor, Paralympics

New York Art Directors Club

Silver - Product - Black Lives Matter

Silver - Branding - Black Lives Matter

Merit - Trump Against Humanity

Distinctive merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

Merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

Merit - Annual Report, YWCA

Merit - Posters, Alberta Checkstop

New York Festivals

Bronze - Outdoor Ambient Tims Next Door

Bronze - Outdoor Restaurants Tims Next Door

Communication Arts (Design & Advertising Annuals)

Black Lives Matter

Trust the Experts (H&R Block)

Trump Against Humanity

Pak-n-Stor Series

Dietitian Canada Donuts

Gold’s Gym Couch

Ted Leo Poster

YWCA Annual Report 1

YWCA Annual Report 2 (On Cover)

Communication Arts (Typography Annual)

Pak-n-Stor Series (On Cover)

Luerzer’s Archive

WWF Real Scary Gala Posters

WWF Real Scary Masks

Kraft Stick Together Television

Hospice Ontario

ABL Wallpaper

Spy City

Gold’s Gym

Pak-n-Stor (box)

Mending Homes

Pak-n-Stor (Headlines)

Alberta Government, Faces

Alberta Government, Couch

Graphis Annuals

Platinum - PC Medic

Platinum - Dietitian of Canada

Gold - Market Mall, Find a Reason

Gold - Market Mall, Vespa

Gold - GM Goodwrench

Gold - Gift of Life Gala

Gold - Calgary Police

Gold - Alberta Government, Faces

Gold - Alberta Government, Couch

Gold - Dietitian of Canada, Fries

Gold - Wendy’s

Gold - Pak-n-Stor

Gold - Gold’s Gym Couch

Logo - Brownstone Books


Advertising & Design Club of Canada

Gold - PR Influencer Campaign - Rethink Breast Cancer

Gold - TV Single - H&R Block (Father in-law)

Gold - Magazine Single - Audi (Abandoned)

Gold - Public Service Campaign - Covenant House

Gold - Public Service Ad Single - Covenant House (Addiction)

Gold - Ad Poster Single - Heinz Ketchup

Gold - Advertising Best Art Direction - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Best Illustration  - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Experiential Single - WWF Real Scary

Gold -  Advertising Promotional - WWF Real Scary

Gold - Direct Mail (Hazco Environmental)

Gold - Best Typography Advertising Campaign (Pak-n-Stor)

Gold - Best Typography Design Campaign (Pak-n-Stor)

Gold - Poster Advertising single (Hazco Environmental)

Gold - Advertising Print (YWCA Calgary)

Silver - TV Campaign - H&R Block  

Silver - TV Single - H&R Block (Bookie)

Silver - Interactive Campaign - Rethink Breast Cancer

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi (Abandoned 1)

Silver - Ad Campaign - Audi (Abandoned 2)

Silver - Public Service - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Silver - Poster - Covenant House (Addiction)

Silver - Design Poster Single - Heinz Ketchup 

Silver - Media Innovation Campaign Single - WWF Real Scary 

Silver -  Media Innovation Single - WWF Real Scary 

Silver - Best Art Direction (Pak-n-Stor)

Silver - Advertising Print (Pak-n-Stor)

Silver - Promo Single (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Media Innovation Single (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Experiential Single (Tims Next Door)

Merit - Ad Campaign - Covenant House 

Merit - Ad Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Merit - Ad Single - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Merit - Public Service Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Merit - Best Art Direction - Audi

Merit - Ad Single - Audi (Abandoned 1)

Merit - Ad Single - Audi (Abandoned 2)

Merit - Photography Single - WWF Real Scary 

Merit - Interactive Miscellaneous Technology - Netflix Netflip

Merit - Advertising (Golds Gym)

Merit - Advertising Poster Single (Alberta Checkstop)

Merit - Advertising Poster Single (Alberta Checkstop)

Merit - Radio Single (Subway)

Merit - Design Public Service (Hospice Ontario)

Merit - Interactive video (Kraft Canada)

Merit - Annual Report (YWCA Calgary)

Merit - Design Poster Series (Pak-n-Stor)

Merit - Design Poster Single (Pak-n-Stor)

Marketing Awards

Silver - Craft Art Direction, Pak-n-Stor

Silver - OOH Non-Standard (Tims Next Door)

Silver - OOH Large Scale (Tims Next Door)

Bronze - Online single, Netflip chrome app

Bronze - Newspaper Single, Pak-n-Stor

Bronze - Out of Home Single, Paralympic Games

Applied Arts Advertising/Design Annuals

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Public Service Illustration Series - Rick Hansen

Public Service Illustration Single - Rick Hansen

Advertising Illustration Series - United Way

Advertising Illustration Single - United Way

Advertising Illustration Single - United Way

Poster Illustration Series - United Way

Poster Illustration Single - United Way

Poster Illustration Single - United Way

Public Service Illustration Series - United Way

Conceptual Illustration Single - United Way

Conceptual Illustration Single - United Way

Magazine Single - Audi e-Tron

OOH Single - Kraft Ketchup shake

Poster Single - Kraft Ketchup shake

OOH Campaign - Covenant House

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Addiction)

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Acceptance)

Public Service Single - Covenant House (Escort)

Television Series - Belairdirect Dark Ages

Poster Series - WWF Real Scary Kids

Poster Series - WWF Real Scary Masks

Pro Bono -  Trump Against Humanity

Gaming Single -  Subway Snapchat

Experiential Single (Tims Next Door)

Non-traditional Single (Tims Next Door)

Direct Mail - Hazco Environmental Services

Point of purchase, Gold’s Gym Truck

Poster Series - Pak-n-stor

Outdoor Single - Tao of Peace

Outdoor Single - Alberta Checkstop

Outdoor Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service - Paralympic Games

Public Service - Alberta Checkstop

Poster Design - Paralympic Games

Poster Design - Sopranos Restaurant

Out of Home Single - Alberta Checkstop

Out of Home Single - YWCA

Out of Home Series - Alberta Checkstop

Out of Home Series - University of Calgary

Public Service Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Single - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Single - YWCA

Public Service Series - Alberta Checkstop

Public Service Design - YWCA

Out of Home Series - Grass Roots

Out of Home Series - Market Mall

Newspaper Series - Market Mall

Magazine Single - Wendy’s

Magazine Single - GM Goodwrench

POP Single - Wendy’s

Newspaper Single - YWCA

Annual Report - YWCA

Out of Home Single - Paralympic Games

Public Service/Charity - Paralympic Games

Out of Home Series - EPCOR Alberta Scene

Gold’s Gym Truck

Gold’s Gym Couch

Media Innovation Awards

Gold - Alberta Checkstop

Silver - YWCA Annual Report

Certificate - Mixed Media, Alberta Government

Certificate - Place Based, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Vertical, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Public Service, YWCA

Certificate - Public Service, Alberta Checkstop

Certificate - Youth, Alberta Government

PROMO! Awards

Gold - Most Innovative Idea or Concept (Tims Next Door)

Gold - Best Pop-up Activation (Tims Next Door)

Shopper Innovation Awards

Gold - In-store Engagement (Tims Next Door)

Gold - Out of the Box Retail (Tims Next Door)

Silver - Original Idea (Tims Next Door)


Bronze - ATOMIC Idea (Tims Next Door)

Bronze - Best Niche Targeting (Tims Next Door

Bronze - Best Experiential Engagement (Tims Next Door)

Anvil Awards

45 Anvils

85 Merits

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